Premium Subscription

Want to continue your B12 Trader Education and follow along with my trading? Then consider a premium subscription service and receive up to date information as the markets change.

The premium subscription includes:

  • Access to the Stock Pick blog in which I post all of my trade entries that I will take the following day. This includes profit targets and stop targets. Everything you need to place trades along side me!
  • Daily trade management updates daily discussing how I will manage the trade until it’s sold.
  • All Premium Members are able to comment and ask questions about any trade.
  • Watch how I put what I teach in my Educational Series to work every day!

Here are some examples of the daily posts I send to my premium subscribers:

Plus, I’m offering a 14 DAY FREE TRIAL! Sign up below and cancel before the trial period if you decide this is not an education that you find valuable.

P.S. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my free newsletter and get access to the B12 Trader System e-book for free in which I detail even further the type of education I have to offer!


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