12/10/14 – Trading Strategy

12/10/14 – Trading Strategy

Current Holding Orders for 12/10/14
Sell TMF Limit @ $82.70
Sell EDZ Limit @ $40.10
Sell BZQ Limit @ $85.10
Sell DRN Limit @ $81.20

JNUG (3x Junior Gold Miners) – Limit buy @ $2.80

– JNUG gold is moving up, but JNUG isn’t moving in proportion. Looks like we may be turning bullish. Putting in an order to buy if intraday drops 20%. Probably won’t, but if there are funds to bid for it, why not?

UGLD (3x GOLD) – Market buy on open

– UGLD gold has now moved up outside the downward trend. It is now above the 20 and 50 day EMA and PPO has been moving up for 7 days. This is a 4 out of 4 on the B12 Trade Confidence Scale.
UGLD Dec 9


12/9/14 – Trading Strategy

12/9/14 – Trading Strategy

BZQ (2x Short Brazil) – Limit buy @ $78.65 with a 1 day limit sale @ $83.00

– BRZU has continued it’s down trend and broken through price resistance substantially at $10.65

BRZU Dec 8
DRN (3x Real Estate) – Limit buy @ $76.35 with a 1 day limit sale @ $80.55

– DRN has continued it’s uptrend today and broken out of a small triangle. Looking for a quick sale, 5% top profit on this one. I don’t expect this uptrend to hold especially with SPX, XIV, and SOXL (all us market indices) being down substantially today.

DRN Dec 8

EDZ (3x Short Emerging Growth) – Market buy @ open

– EDC broke out of it’s sideways consolidation to the downside. Downside moves can move very fast so I’m jumping in now.

EDC Dec 8

JNUG (3x Junior Gold Minors) – Limit buy @ $2.55 with a 1 day limite sale @ 2.95 (15% gain)

– JNUG bounced all the way back today from a 20% low to profitability. Just putting in an order for a few pennies lower to see if I can catch the bounce again.

JNUG Dec 8

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