Stocks on the Watch 2.23.15

Each week I review the 12 Markets that make up the B12 Trading System. The following are the stocks that I’m looking for possible buys this week.

Here is my Stock Market Review video for the week of 2.23.15


DRN (Real Estate)DRN has been in a healthy correction for some time now. It’s passed the 20-day moving average in purple and looks like it’s getting support at the 50-day moving average in yellow. It may be pausing or it may reverse direction and start heading back into it’s upward trend. I’ll be watching this one closely this week.

DRN Real Estate Quote 2-23-15

EDC (Emerging Markets)EDC has been consolidating for sometime with little up or down direction. Watching and waiting for a possible upside move this week.

EDC Emerging Markets Stock Chart

TMF (20+ Year Treasury Bonds)TMF has also been in a healthy correction from a long term uptrend. It’s showing support on the 100-day EMA in Orange. Will it hold for a bounce? Perhaps our patience will be rewarded this week.

TMF 20 Year Treasury Bonds Stock Chart






2-24-15 Trading Strategy

2-24-15 – Trading Strategy

Current Holdings

Real time portfolio updates are now available here

2/23/15 – SPXL @ $93.25

Today’s Updates

RUSL (Russia) Stopped out @ $25.03 for a 3.04% loss

– Big morning gap down wiped out all of my profits and hit my stop loss. Unfortunate timing, but it could have been like the loss in UGAZ (Natural Gas) earlier this month if I didn’t establish a good point of entry. Overnight volatility (in this case, over the weekend) simply can’t be predicted, the only protection is the best entry price when the signal to trade flashes. However, with RUSL dropping 17% today, I’m happy to have exited with only a small 3% loss.

SPXL (S&P 500) Limit order filled @ $93.25

– The low for the day was $93.17, so I’m very happy with my fill at $93.25 today. I’ll be keeping my stop loss tight looking for the US Market to make it’s move upward tomorrow or the next day. We’ve entered record breaking territory, so it’s time for it to grow some wings.

– The Markets overall suffered a decent sell-off globally. The conservative investments, Gold and Bonds held on their own with Real Estate surprisingly holding gains. Many of the markets are ripe for breakouts.

Market Snapshot 2-23-15


Current Holdings with Open Orders for 2/24/15


Sell SPXL (S&P 500) Limit @ $96.00
Sell SPXL (S&P 500) Stop @ $93.00

SPXL 2-23-15


Open Orders for 2/24/15


Buy DGLD (Inverse Gold) Limit @ $70.90
Sell DGLD (Inverse Gold) Limit @ $74.30

– Didn’t quite hit my buy order for today, so I’m bumping up my limit and sell order as a result.

DGLD 2-23-15


2-23-15 – Trading Stragegy

2-23-15 – Trading Strategy

Current Holdings

Real time portfolio updates are now available here

2/19/15 – RUSL (Russia) @ $25.03

Today’s Updates

EURL (Europe) Sold @ $34.90 for a 7.72% gain

– I’m happy to see EURL get filled before the weekend. A lot of the credit is been given to the fact Greece has finally come to some kind of terms on their debt obligations to the EU. We could start to see strong movement in EURL next week, I’ll still be a buyer as our previous price resistance was at $34.78 and I was able to get out at $34.90.

Most of the 12 Markets were rather flat or consistent in their direction. Natural Gas was the only hold out moving above it’s daily trading range. It’s a bit too early to call a reversal quite yet though.

– My order for DGLD (Inverse Gold) missed today’s low by .24 cents unfortunately and ended up higher for the day.

Market Snapshot 2-20-15

Current Holdings with Open Orders for 2/23/15

Sell RUSL (Russia) Limit @ $29.80
Sell RUSL (Russia) Stop @ $24.30

– Russia was down only .03 cents today. No need to change the orders on this position.

Buy DGLD (Inverse Gold) Limit @ $70.50
Sell DGLD (Inverse Gold) Limit @ $74.00

– Inverse Gold still holds all the same technical characteristics as it did today, bumping up my order to see if I can still get in at a favorable position.

DGLD 2-20-15

Buy SPXL (S&P 500) Limit @ $93.25
Sell SPXL (S&P 500) Limit @ $97.00

– We now have all the conditions for a bullish move

  • PPO is up
  • Price is above all 3 moving averages
  • Price is back in it’s upward trend lines
  • We broke our previous support level of $92.30

However, new highs have historically been met with immediate resistance, so if I get into the trade, I will keep my stops very tight.

SPXL 2-20-15


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