Stocks on the Watch for 4.12.15

Stocks on the watch for 4-12-15

With the new month of April came the signals and the breakouts. Markets usually trend about 30% of the time, but that’s why I monitor 12 unique global markets. It gives a great global perspective and offers some of the best diversity available.

April saw an increase in breakouts as the volatility has slowed and trends formed. Here is what I’m looking for this week.



BRZU – Brazil

– Last week I was looking to see if Brazil could break it’s price resistance level of $6.00. We had two days up to contend with, but after a short correction it looks like it’s winding up for a possible move towards the $6.75-$7.00 range at least. The longer it holds above $6.00 the more bullish I will be.

BRZU Stock Chart 4-10-15

EDC – Emerging Markets

– This was a beautiful breakout from last week. We took out the previous resistance level of $26.00 with a strong gap like I covered in my post last week.

Here is this week’s chart

EDC Stock Chart 4-10-15

Here is what it looked like last week

EDC Stock Chart 4-2-15

EURL – Europe

– Looks like another week has passed without the strong bullish movement. Regardless of what’s in the news, the real signal will be if it can break the magic $35.00 mark

EURL Stock Chart 4-10-15

GASL – Natural Gas Companies

– It’s not pretty, but bottoms seldomly are. Now with more price data having passed, I’m noticing a small price increase in GASL. I’m cautiously bullish though, if we break the $4.00 mark next week, the crowd could jump in and push this much higher. If not, the volatility will most likely continue. It will be interesting to watch the correlation with UGAZ (Natural Gas) since the price of Natural Gas is falling despite the efforts of Natural Gas companies to reduce their costs to maintain profit levels.

GASL Stock Chart 4-10-15

RUSL – Russia

– This was a text book breakout that I managed to take advantage of and pull out a profitable trade last week. This is also my Stock Trade of the Week as well. We had a sharp correction on Friday, so I’m waiting to see how far it corrects so I can jump back in and continue the upward momentum.

This weeks chart of RUSL (Russia):

RUSL Stock Chart 4-10-15

Last week’s chart of RUSL (Russia):

RUSL Stock Chart 4-2-15

UGAZ (Natural Gas)

– Natural gas appears to broken out of it’s sideways consolidation and is taking on new lows. When a stock hits new lows, there is no established support level to prop it up and stocks fall faster than they go up, so this could be a great shorting opportunity or a chance to play the DGAZ (Inverse Natural Gas)

UGAZ Stock Chart 4-10-15

XIV (Inverse VIX)

– Last week I highlighted how often it broken down after hitting resistance, I noticed the break out and tried to get in, but instead of a market order (because of it’s previous history of reversing) I put in a limit order and the stock shot up away from my buy limit. I’ve missed out on this first leg, hopefully I can catch the next pull-back.

XIV Stock Chart 4-10-15

YINN (China)

– Keeping a very close eye on this one. I made a decent trade on this recently, but am blown away by how much this has skyrocketed! This type of price movement is usually seen only by penny stocks. This kind of price movement is due to hype, but in this case, relaxed regulations on who can buy Chinese stocks has sent YINN soaring. However, with anything that moves this much this fast, there is the inevitable correction as people cash in on the sudden price jump. Watch for this to quickly drop and recover possibly this week.

YINN Stock Chart 4-10-15



4-13-15 – Trading Strategy

4-13-15 – Trading Strategy

Current Holdings

Real time portfolio updates are now available here

4/7/15 – GASL (Natural Gas Companies) @ $3.85
4/7/15 – BRZU (Brazil) @ $6.10
4/10/15 – DGAZ (Inverse Natural Gas) @ $8.68

Today’s Updates


DGAZ (Inverse Natural Gas) Stop filled @ $8.68

– Lackluster movements in the markets today. Monday will be one to keep a close eye on.

Market Snapshot 4-10-15


Current Holdings with Open Orders for 4/13/15

Sell GASL (Natural Gas Companies) Limit @ $4.30 (11.69% Profit)
Sell GASL (Natural Gas Companies) Stop @ $3.70 (3.90% Loss)

– Positive movement today, but not enough to change my buy/sell targets. Keeping the same order for Monday.

GASL 4-10-15


Sell BRZU (Brazil) Limit @ $6.90 (13.11% Profit)
Sell BRZU (Brazil) Stop @ $6.10 (0.00% Loss)

– Small positive movement in Brazil today, but still not enough to make any changes. With the lower open, and higher close, I’m optimistic I’ll be able to move up my stop on Monday to potentially lock in more profits.

BRZU - 4-10-15

Sell DGAZ (Inverse Natural Gas) Limit @ $9.70 (11.49% Profit)
Sell DGAZ (Inverse Natural Gas) Stop @ $8.20 (5.75% Loss)

– Decent entry today, going to let it run down to the previous high as my stop.

DGAZ 4-10-15

New Open Orders for 4/13/15

– No new orders for Monday, today was a rather lackluster day without any strong movements to determine new direction in any of the markets. I’ll wait to see what the action is on Monday.

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