ETFs to Watch 7.23.17

ETFs to Watch 7.23.17

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So many great trends for the swing trader this week! In a nutshell, most markets have great trends forming, while energy is turning bearish, gold is running sideways, and equities rule! This week I share some of the trades I’m in, and trades I’ve won and lost in July. Profits are far outpacing losses.

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  • Jasen, you made an interesting comment on your last video about your stop positions. It would seem to be fair to say that your strategy has changed a bit over the last couple of years? Wider rather than tighter stops, at least at first, to wait out corrections to get the longer term trend profit.

    • Hi Andrew, you are correct. After getting tossed around for most of 2016, something had changed. Volatility was going crazy and expecting to get large risk vs reward numbers just wasn’t happening because the moves wouldn’t sustain long enough. So I adjusted my dollar entry smaller which allowed me to widen my stops and give the stock room to move, but still get back on the larger trend I originally though I had identified. It has worked out well in more profitable trades, but the time frame has been stretched out from days to now weeks and months in some cases. You have to adapt when the market does!

  • This would also explain why you now hold more ETF positions. In the original training you talk about being maxed out with 5 ETFs, 20% on each with a max stop of 7-8%. I don’t know if you’ve halved your position size to accommodate, but you certainly have more open positions.

    • That’s correct. With the smaller trade size I can expand the portfolio. However with volatility I try to have some mix of bullish and bearish directional trades. With the longer trade duration I can cash out on whichever directional trades are benefitting from the directional move and hopefully the wider stops will keep the other trades in play giving them the ability to recover. Just like what is happening for me in JNUG.