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$1,000 Profit in Brazil (BZQ / BRZU) – Stock Trade of the Week 2-8-15

Trading Brazil and BZQ

This week I alerted my premium subscribers to a setup in Brazil (BRZU) and a possible trade to the downside. I managed to get in on the second day of trying and sold out quickly for a 5% or $1,000 gain. I took advantage of the downward movement in Brazil and traded the inverse ETF (BZQ). Watch and learn how I managed the trade below.

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Below is what my premium subscribers received regarding this trade…

Trade Recommendation for BZQ on 1/30/15

Buy BZQ (Inverse Brazil) @ $87.00
Sell BZQ (Inverse Brazil) @ 91.80

Brazil has just shown a clear breakout signal out of a consolidation. Now, due to the recent volatility, other breakouts have shown to be false, I’m building a small cushion to get in cheaper in case this is a fake.

Here is what BRZU (Brazil) looks like. I’ll take advantage of this buy purchasing BZQ (Inverse Brazil).

BRZU 1-30-15

Here is where I want in at on BZQ (Inverse Brazil)

BZQ 1-30-15

Trade Management for BZQ on 2/2/15

Buy BZQ (Inverse Brazil) @ $85.70
Sell BZQ (Inverse Brazil) @ 90.00

– Came close to a fill today. Just in case I’m wrong, I’m lowering my buy order and keeping the buy at 50% the daily 7-day ATR.

Trade Management for BZQ on 2/3/15

Sell BZQ (Inverse Brazil) Limit @ $89.70
Sell BZQ (Inverse Brazil) Stop @ $78.80

BRZU (Brazil) filled it’s gap today. This is something always to watch out for when chasing gaps down. I got a better fill on (BZQ) due to the gap down this morning. I’m going to allow it to drop about 75% of it’s daily ATR of $4.30 to give it one last day of wiggle room.


BRZU 2-3-15

Where my protective stop is at in BZQ. I have to give it some room because if this is a final break out to the downside for BRZU, then BZQ could move 15-20% in response.

BZQ 2-3-15

Trade Management for BZQ on 2/4/15

Sell BZQ (Inverse Brazil) Limit @ $89.70
Sell BZQ (Inverse Brazil) Stop @ $80.15

– Slightly down in the position, but about 2% higher than yesterday. Pushing up my stop in order to limit my losses. Hopefully tomorrow BRZU (Brazil) will make it’s move further downward (moving BZQ up) and bring this trade into a profitable position. Keeping my same limit order. Even though this is a break out to the downside for Brazil, I can’t rely on this lasting long in this volatile market so I’m keeping my profit target in the 5% range.

Trade Management for BZQ on 2/5/15

Sell BZQ (Inverse Brazil) Limit @ $89.70
Sell BZQ (Inverse Brazil) Stop @ $80.15

– Same order as yesterday. Brazil went up slightly today, but still well within the downward trend I’m looking for.

SOLD BZQ on 2/6/15

BZQ (Inverse Brazil) sold @ $89.70 for a 4.97% gain


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1.25.15 – Stock Tip of the Week – How to get the best stock price using TC2000

I didn’t actually close any trades last week, so instead of a stock trade of the week, I thought I would do a quick stock tip of the week.

This week I discuss how I determine my price trade to get the best price. This technique works fantastically for volatile stocks, whereas trending stocks you have to usually jump in almost immediately once you’ve identified a trend.

I use custom indicators in TC2000 which you can get from this post.

In this video, I’ll walk you through the process on determining the best price to enter a trade. This is a huge time saving technique that allows me to quickly analyze my price entry for the 12 markets I track. Enjoy and feedback is always welcome!

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