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Jasen Baker - Founder of the B12 Trader

Hello and welcome to The B12 Trader! My name is Jasen Baker. I am an average Joe who has spent years trying to make my money work for me. I’ve spent close to 20 years in the IT industry working my tail off to stay ahead of the rat race game.

I have been following stock investing since I was a kid, watching my father draw stock charts from the Wall Street journal on huge rolls of white shower curtains. What sparked my interest was when my father started me out early by investing my allowance in stocks on my behalf.

Unfortunately, the many years early on did not lead my father to huge success. I had picked up the bug, but I wasn’t empowered with a proper trading strategy. It wasn’t until the dot.com era that I thought I figured how to trade successfully. We all know what happened next, and what money I had saved up to make myself rich fell by the wayside.

I never gave up. I knew I wouldn’t be able work for my money forever, I had to make it work for me.

Fast forward to today, after thousands of hours of study and years of successful and unsuccessful trades following “expert advisors” and “stock services” I decided to develop a strategy that worked for me and my daily work schedule!

My GOAL: Achieve better (much much better) returns than the market or any mutual fund that my 401k allowed, but not have to commit my life to watching my money.

My Achievement: The B12 Trading System! I follow 12 completely different markets spending approximately 15 minutes a day of research. I don’t need to run “scans” for the next big thing, I don’t need a huge database of indicators, financial data or “professional analysis.” I make consistent returns trading these 12 markets. I have simplified the complexities of various trading systems into one that takes little time to master, but offers a lifetime of positive returns.

Want to know more? Follow me on my video reviews of these 12 markets and download my free guide “The B12 Trader” right now and trade along side me! You can also follow me on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/b12trader.

– Jasen