1-6-15 – Trading Strategy

1-6-16 – Trading Strategy

What I’m in

12/30/15 – DRN (Real Estate) @ $77.50

What I’m selling

DRN (Real Estate) Limit @ $81.00 (4.52% Profit)
Sell DRN (Real Estate) Stop Limit @ $74.00 (4.52% Loss)

What I’m buying

No new orders tomorrow. Today was the expected correction to yesterday’s move and we aren’t in any new buying positions yet.

Today’s Updates

Market Snapshot 1-5-16

Today was more of the typical kind of market day I like to see across the B12 Markets. We have a lot more diversity in price and without China dominating the news more sensible trading and reversals occurred.

I benefitted a great deal as DRN (Real Estate) recovered 5.84% today bringing me near my original entry level and recouping a large amount of the paper loss I was sitting on.

It’s very helpful to be able to distinguish a drop in your position as a result of external global factors vs the individual market itself. Tracking the B12 Markets makes that much easier to see if there are external factors causing all the markets to move in sync and can help with how you play your existing positions.

Unfortunately that doesn’t leave any new setups for today as we now have to wait to see if the current moves will develop new trends so there won’t be any new orders for me tomorrow.

What I’m selling

Sell DRN (Real Estate) Limit @ $81.00 (4.52% Profit)
Sell DRN (Real Estate) Stop Limit @ $74.00 (4.52% Loss)

Pushing up my stop limit order to $74.00. Tomorrow’s ATR low should be $74.04 and with as strong of a rebound we saw today there shouldn’t be that much of a move lower tomorrow. If tomorrow ends up being lower I may sell out early to limit my losses even further.

DRN 1-5-16