12-16-15 – Trading Strategy

12-16-15 Trading Strategy

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Market Snapshot 12-15-15

The markets are slowly retracing after last week’s drop which is expected. However, tomorrow at 11am PST, 2pm EST.


The FOMC is about to announce it’s first interest rate hike in 10 years, so there is no way I’m entering orders in anticipation for tomorrow. I will be on the computer ready to jump on whatever market is moving after the news comes out.

Here are some of the markets of note.

BRZU (Brazil) is flirting with support at $14.50 I’ll be watching for a strong move lower after the 11am PST Fed Announcement.

BRZU 12-15-15

EDC (Emerging Markets) is showing a clear pull back right off the lower trend line. Still waiting to see how far this retraces before possibly turning back down.

EDC 12-15-15

GASL (Natural Gas Companies) has suffered a major drop in the past couple of weeks, but I’ll be seeing how it reacts to $6.75 tomorrow.

GASL 12-15-15

INDL (India) has pulled back to it’s breakout point. Now to see if it will break it or bounce back down. If it goes down I may short INDL (India) or PIN (Non leveraged India)

INDL 12-15-15

RUSL (Russia) had a full ATR move higher today so I am watching and waiting to see how it reacts to $13.50 which was the support level that was broken to start this recent move down.

RUSL 12-15-15

SPXL (S&P 500) kissed the top of it’s upper trend line. Tomorrow’s fed announcement could send this right back down (which would be ideal) or it will break higher breaking out of the trend channel and all 3 major moving averages in which I will take a bullish position if so.

SPXL 12-15-15

TMF (20+ Year Treasury Bonds) could really move on tomorrow’s news, I will most likely jump into this no matter which direction. If it starts falling, I will get into TMV (Inverse 20+ Year Treasury Bonds).

TMF 12-15-15

UWTI (Crude Oil) is making a nice recovery especially after a key bounce off of $4.00. We haven’t broken out of the downward trend and we haven’t crossed over $6.00 which was the key support level that started this last leg. I will play a longer trade if all of those are broken, but I will also play this or DWTI (Inverse Crude) immediately depending on how this market reacts to the FED news tomorrow.

UWTI 12-15-15

XIV (Inverse VIX) XIV and VXX could be some of the fastest movers tomorrow since they track volatility. This will be the first one I look at. Also of note, it looks like I could have held out a second day for more profit, but you never go broke taking profits so I’m still happy to have exited yesterday in the green.

XIV 12-15-15